Thousands of batteries each year are discarded due to being rendered as un-repairable. whilst for some of these this is true most are requiring as little as 1 cell to bring it back to a fully functioning battery.

The services I offer ensure that my customer is getting the most wallet friendly services as this helps be environmentally friendly,

We are now living in a world where the humble battery is starting to become the champion of technologies with more and more global brands moving into the age of electric.

I test each battery pack to determine if the battery is repairable and am able to give a full explanation as to the cause of the fault and my honest opinion as to if it actually needs a full rebuild.

My repairs and rebuilds are covered by a warranty so should your battery develop a fault after a repair you can rest easy that I will resolve the issue.

I can Build or Rebuild your existing Lithium–ion Battery.

If you have an Ebike or Emoped I can usually repair or rebuild your existing battery.

I have years of experience in the battery world of designing and building batteries for various applications.